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Welcome to D. W. Waters Career Center & Teen Parent Program.
Home of Cheetahs!
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Our Career Center provides quality performance based career preparation programs and training facilities for at-risk youth. We serve students who are not succeeding academically at one of the district’s comprehensive high schools, or who are over-aged middle school students.

Students are given a second opportunity to graduate high school at an accelerated pace while getting started with training in a career of their choice. We combine academic and technical training that will assist students in entering college, an advanced technical training program, the workforce, or the military.

Our Teen Parent Program provides expectant and parenting teens with the opportunity to work towards earning their diploma. The program enhances teenage parenting skills while providing an academic course of study that advances each student's progress toward earning a high school diploma


D. W. Waters Career Center
2704 N Highland Ave
Tampa, Fl 33602
Phone (813) 233-2655
Fax (813) 233-2659


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